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February 10, 2016



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Worlds of Chaos is a single player, party based open-world tactical/action RPG with a strong emphasis on exploration and tactical combats. It has a deep combat system that will challenge you to your limits, and will make clever decisions count. You build a party of 5 characters that are exactly what you want : no classes or choice restrictions. Creating good and balanced characters with the right stats, skills, equipments, items and spells combinations is what matters the most. In this game, a huge importance has been put on making every choice equal in power. What is important for a good party is not choosing the best skills, but an efficient combination of choices that work well together. Battles are fast-paced, and you will need to take a lot of decisions, each of which will help you overcome the difficult foes that you encounter. Choosing which spell to use, when and how to use them, and the positionning of your warriors and choosing the right targets are what will bring you victory.


Worlds of Chaos began quite a while ago, as a personal project to create a fun real-time tactical RPG engine. The engine was a lot more fun than anticipated, and after each iteration of the game it bacame better and better, until it was ready for a public release in early access in february 2016. The game takes it's inspirations in the old Might and Magic series for the open-world, exploration and freedom aspects, and in Baldur's Gate's real-time tactical elements. The base system was created many years ago and has evolved by itself, iterating ideas upon ideas, and took a turn that made it quite different to other RPGs, by taking very little inspiration from recent games.


  • Single player action RPG where you control a party of 5 characters that you create with no class restriction, they are how you decide, completely.
  • Very intense real-time tactical gameplay that keeps you on your toes.
  • Battle speed has been adjusted to give the players enough time to think and act, but are fast enough to make it thrilling, fun and sometimes a bit overwelming. This gives a feeling of emergency and satisfaction for each of the well deserved victories.
  • Deep combat system that rewards clever party organisation and statistical skill outside of combat, and wits and fast tactical thinking inside combat.
  • No dead time in this game unlike most rpgs : corpses are auto-looted, you can fast-travel to explored places at any time, time consuming parts are taken off this game to keep the most interesting ones : exploration, combats, fast loots, fast shopping, fast and simple party management.


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Worlds of Chaos - Invasion Credits

Dave Pelletier
Programming, 3D Modeling, Animations, some texturing

Liana Tremblay
Textures (Freelance)

Anouka Tremblay
Textures (Freelance)

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